WaveRoom Small Panel Pair

ProSoCoustic Wave Series Kit featuring 2 small panels, which utilize a blend of absorption and diffusion for an excellent acoustic treatment solution.



WaveRoom Small Panel Pair

ProSoCoustic Wave Series Kit featuring 2 small panels, which utilize a blend of absorption and diffusion for an excellent acoustic treatment solution.



Take Control of Your Room

The ProSoCoustic WaveRoom Series offers a unique blend of absorption and diffusion in one product. By combining the two fundamental ways of controlling and attenuating sound waves, the WaveRoom Series provides the ultimate choice in acoustic control.

At A Glance

  • Absorption and Diffusion combined in one product ensures the most effective acoustical control.
  • Absorption material is comprised of Stone Wool instead of foam or fiberglass
  • The WaveRoom Frame is comprised of various density upcycled wood chips, which is molded into our state-of-the-art diffusor frame.
  • All fabric options are 100% polyester, and were selected for their sound transparency, ensuring the most effective panel.
  • Fabric is attached using a screen spline, removing the need for glues or adhesives. This also allows simple removal of fabric to easily switch colors when desired.
  • Made of up to 80% recycled material, and is 100% recyclable.

Uniquely Molded Frame Provides Diffusion

The WaveRoom Series’ Frame includes diffusion molded right into the product. It is created in a process that uses industrial wood waste that is locally sourced from the logging, mill, and construction industries. The wood waste is dried, sorted, and loaded into our custom mold that compresses the wood under extreme heat and pressure to create the diffusion-stamped frame. 100% of the wood product is used, including the dust from the bark and leaves, which is used as fuel to run the drying process. The finished product is significantly lighter than a standard panel and the molding process kills off any wood pests or mold.

Direct In, Multiple Outs

When sound enters a traditional acoustic panel, the unabsorbed sounds are reflected back out the same way they entered. The WaveRoom Series’ internal diffusor redirects these sounds in multiple directions. Not only does this increase the amount of absorbed sound per panel, but it also helps evenly distribute reflected sound throughout your space.

A Superior Absorption Choice

ProSoCoustic uses stone wool, a mixture of basalt and slag, instead of fiberglass or foam for absorption. Basalt is the most common type of volcanic rock and melts at around 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Slag is a by-product of the steel manufacturing industry. Liquid-hot basalt is mixed with slag, and the combination is spun into threads that are compressed into sheets. Stone Wool does not retain mold or bacteria, and melts at 2200 degrees F after 2 hours of exposure. Since no binding agents or glues are used, there is no flame, no smoke, and no off-gassing. Stone wool’s non-linear threads ensure top of the industry acoustic absorption qualities.

Included in this Kit

(2) Small Wave Panels – 24”x24”x1”

(2) Sets of 18” Z-Clips

(4) Machine Screws – used to attach Z-Clips to the Panels

*Screws and accessories to attach WaveRoom panels to walls, ceilings, etc. are not included

Small Wave Panel Size - 24"x24"x1.625" (61x61x4cm)

Packaging Info:

Box Dimensions - 27”x27”x4” Weight - 25lbs

Wave Series Data Sheet

Wave Series ASTM E84 Fire Rating 

Wave Series Room Layout

Wave Series 1 Inch Riverbend Test Results

Wave Series 1 Inch Spaced Riverbend Test Results

LEEDs v4 Solutions Guide

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