Wave Series

Interchangeable Fabric

Ready to switch things up? ProSoCoustic makes it simple. Change the entire feel of your room without having to buy new panels. Easily replace your current fabric with any of our available colors, or choose your own custom photo. 

One-of-a-kind Frame

ProSoCoustic Wave panels’ uniquely molded shape is created from up-cycled industrial wood chips. this process creates a panel that is lighter and less expensive than a standard panel without sacrificing durability and effectiveness. Our Wave panel has a Class A fire rating and is resistant to water damage. 

American Made

ProSoCoustic is 100% designed, assembled, and sourced in the United States. Our manufacturing is done locally, and all raw material sourcing is done within a 200 mile radius. We meet the most stringent LEEDs qualifications for locally sourced material.

WaveRoom Retail Kits

ProSoCoustic Wave Series panels offer a unique blend of absorption and diffusion in 1 product. By combining the 2 fundamental ways of controlling and attenuating sound waves, the Wave Series panels provide the superior choice in acoustic control. Standard colors are Black and Stone. Other colors available on special request.

Basic Kit

$749 MSRP

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Single Big Panel

$149 MSRP

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Single Small Panel

$129 MSRP

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Small Panel Pair

$249 MSRP

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Looking For More?

Our Retail Kits include 1″ thick panels available in Black or Stone Diamond Knit Fabric. If you are seeking more diversity, ProSoCoustic has ample customization options for the Wave Series. We offer a multitude of color options available in Diamond Knit, Diamond Pro, or Passion Suede fabric. Wave Series panels are also  available with an absorption thickness of 1″ or 2″.

 Still not satisfied? Send us a high-resolution photo and we can print that bad boy on easily interchangeable fabric! Now you have a beautiful canvas photo that sounds as good as it looks.




Wave Series

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