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ProSoCoustic Bass Trap series panels are designed for broad band frequency control and to control buildup of low frequencies in corners. From studio to commercial and residential use, ProSoCoustic Bass traps products provide the ability to control low frequency buildup to create a more pleasing acoustic environment. Standard colors are Black and Stone. Other colors available on special request.

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Our Bass Trap Retail Kits include 4″ thick Corner Bass Traps available in Black or Stone Diamond Knit Fabric. If you are seeking more diversity, ProSoCoustic has ample customization options for Bass Traps. We offer a multitude of color options available in Diamond Knit, Diamond Pro, or Passion Suede fabric. Bass Traps are also available in a flat-back Wall Variation.

 Still not satisfied? Send us a high-resolution photo and we can print that bad boy on any Bass Trap! Now you have a beautiful canvas photo that sounds as good as it looks.




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